About Email Hype

Promote your business with every email you send

Create and manage a universal signature for all of your company’s employees from one online location. Within a few clicks, your entire company’s email signature can be transformed into a powerful, cost-effective and measurable marketing tool.

What can Email Hype do for you?

   Announce new products and services
   Boost website traffic
   Increase sales
   Build brand awareness
   Promote company events

How does it work?

How many emails does each employee send per day? 10, 20...50? Each and every one of these day-to-day emails can be leveraged and used as an effective promotional tool for your business. Email Hype offers one user-friendly place to create custom email signatures for your employees. You can add bespoke marketing messages, taglines and graphics – as well as an all-important link though to your website.

Simply log into Email Hype, and upload your image, add your promotional tagline and website link...and you’re done! Email Hype automatically generates this signature for all of the users associated with this account. As it's so easy to manage and update, your signatures will always be up-to-date and relevant to your marketing activites or latest promotions. 

See some of our clients’ signatures in action...

Email signature solutions

Up and running in under 5 minutes

All of this takes less than 5 minutes to get up and running. Our system is simple and easy to use, but if you'd rather, we can manage the entire process for you: from creating marketing taglines and graphics, to activating the signature on your employees' emails. 


We set up your email template and first design for a one-off cost. Following this, there is a small annual charge per user: 

User Accounts Cost per annum
1 – 5 £10 per user
6 – 10 £8 per user
11 – 25 £7 per user
26 – 50 £6 per user
50 - 100 £5 per user

Our clients talk about us...

We wanted our emails to work hard for us; by enabling all of our staff to send the same message at the foot of each email, keeping the outside world up to speed with the latest awards we have won, or the wealth of interesting projects we design. After a long period of searching for the right solution we came across Mercurytide, who offered this very service. Our latest headlines now get issued with every one of our employees’ emails and updates are incredibly simple to make, so we will be changing our message every two weeks. Mercurytide have been a pleasure to deal with and I am delighted with the final product.”

James Galpin, HazleMcCormackYoung LLP/ Chartered Architects

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